My Portfolio

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Document Design

I designed the document styles and template and authored the content.

How-to / Procedural

I authored content within existing company templates.

API Documentation

I authored content within existing company templates.

Information Architecture / UX Design

Analysis of content structure, navigation, and organization.

Process Diagrams

I created, laid out, and substantially improved the format of these flowchart diagrams. In some cases, I created the design and color scheme (following corporate branding when necessary). In many cases, I replaced non-standard shapes and either eliminated or reduced the number of crossed connections - making the flow much easier to read.


I acted as Editor on the project, including, where necessary, rewriting and restructuring the content.

Technical Blog Posts

These blog posts were written on behalf of a client. The perspective is that of the client, not mine.

China Post Business Articles

As a Business reporter for the China Post, I wrote numerous articles related to business, technology, and finance.

Published Newspaper / Magazine Articles

As a freelance writer in Taipei, Taiwan and Boulder, Colorado, I wrote a number of articles that were published in several newspapers and magazines. These articles were generally related to cultural, societal, and entertainment issues.