Technical Writer with 20+ years of experience

Stuart Hamby smiling with folded arms, leaning against historic stone wall

I am a professional technical writer living in Kansas City, Missouri. In the past, I have lived and worked in Taipei, Hong Kong, Calgary, and the Boulder/Denver area. I also studied fine art drawing and painting in Paris. After half a lifetime of travelling, I finally moved to Kansas City and chose this place to settle down.

I have been a technical writer since 1993. At the time I was hired for my first job in Taipei, I had very little understanding of how computers worked - and this was (luckily!) viewed as a positive by my employer, who wanted someone who could write from the perspective of an 'uninitiated computer user'. (That was certainly me!) I was thrown into the deep end and got paid for a hands-on education in computers and software.

After leaving Taiwan (the first time!), I worked for a couple of employers and did a lot of contract work for companies like Reebok, MapQuest, Qwest Communications, and Rocky Mountain Internet. I got my introduction to HTML at this time and was somehow tasked with coding my first website (more of an internal wiki, really) in raw HTML. On the side, I also published a bunch of freelance articles in newspapers and magazines and taught Grade 12 photography in a Montessori School.

Most recently, I have gained experience in the networking/cybersecurity, and fintech industries and have sought to expand my skillset by studying UX design, front-end development, and leadership/management. There is so much to learn, I have a hard time curating the topics I allow myself to study in order to cobble together a coherent and marketable skillset. If I had the time, there’s almost nothing I wouldn’t want to learn!

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Outside of technical writing, UX design, and web development, my main passion is fine art. If you are interested, you can find my fine art portfolio at

Drawing by Stuart Hamby of Diogenes extending his hand outward and upward